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Small Town Sells For $360,000

A woman who tried to sell a Washington mountain town on eBay said the top five bidders all backed out before another couple stepped in. Daphne Fletcher, 42, who listed the four-acre town of Wauconda on eBay, said the top bidder had to back out and none of the other top bidders were interested. Maddie Love, 48, and her husband, Neal, 50, contacted Fletcher shortly after the failure of the eBay auction and expressed an interest in buying the town, which is mainly comprised of a four-bedroom house, gas pump, restaurant and small store. The Loves said they had frequently passed through the town on motorcycle trips and fell in love with it. The couple agreed to purchase the town, which has about 100 families living within 10 miles, for $360,000. Fletcher agreed to stay for a short time to help the couple learn how to run the restaurant, store and gas pump.

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