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When Bus Drivers Sleep - Um...Comments?

When Bus Drivers Sleep
A Los Angeles city bus driver dozed off, causing the vehicle to rip up two signs, several trees, a light pole and a bus stop, authorities said. California Highway Patrol Sgt. Scott Hawkins said there were no passengers aboard the bus or at the bus stop. A crew from Southern California Edison was dispatched to the scene of the 1:30 a.m. [PT] incident in the community of Willowbrook to power down the area and repair electrical damage done by the fallen light. The 40-year-old driver was taken to a hospital to treat cuts on her hands.

Drive-Thru Rage - Have you ever felt rage at a drive thru?

Drive-Thru Rage
Police say a Florida woman accused of ramming another car in a fast-food restaurant’s drive-thru lane was upset about another woman’s slow ordering. Largo police said Jennifer Lynn Betterly, 24, rammed her Ford Focus into the vehicle in front of her at the KFC/Taco Bell drive-thru Saturday because she was angry about how long it was taking the woman in front of her to place an order. Betterly was arrested about an hour later and police found she had been driving on a suspended license and was in possession of a single pill of the prescription sleep drug Ambien. She was unable to prove the pill had been prescribed to her, police said. Betterly was charged with felony counts of aggravated battery and possession of a controlled substance. She was also charged with driving with a suspended license, reckless driving and leaving the scene of a crash.

Temporary Home Needed For 30,000 Books - Do you have room?

Temporary Home Needed For 30,000 Books
A Denver couple preparing to move from their rented home said they’re trying to find a temporary abode for the 30,000-book “library” in their basement. Jeffrey Lee and Ann Martin said they just don’t have enough room in their new home right now to keep their collection of books about “the land and people’s connection to the land,” which they call the Rocky Mountain Land Library. The couple said they would only need temporary storage for the thousands of books until they can complete their planned restoration of a ranch house in the Buffalo Peaks wilderness. John Calderazzo, who sits on the board for the non-profit Rocky Mountain Land Library, said the books represent “the best nature library I know of anywhere.” He pleaded for the public to help the Martins find a temporary home for the books, which fill about 600 boxes.

Man Has ‘Beetlejuice’ Museum In Apartment - Creepy or Cool?

Man Has ‘Beetlejuice’ Museum In Apartment
A New York man said the museum he created in his apartment to honor the 1988 film “Beetlejuice” has more than 75 pieces. Bruce Christensen, 48, said his Hell’s Kitchen apartment contains items including plastic toys, bobblehead dolls, trading cards, a beach towel, a full copy of the movie script and even a six-pack of wine coolers called Dr. Thirsty’s Beetlejuice Alcoholic Fruit Crush. Christensen said more than 200 people have toured the “Bruce & His Beetlejuice Collection” museum since he opened just before Halloween.

Dozens Injured In Orange-Tossing Event - What is the best Food to fight with?

Dozens Injured In Orange-Tossing Event
Authorities in Italy said 165 people were injured in the Battle of the Oranges, an event that saw nearly 35,000 people flinging citrus. Emergency responders said 152 people were treated Monday at medical stations during the Ivrea event, which commemorates the throwing of stones during an uprising against a local tyrant several centuries ago. Thirteen of those injured required treatment at a hospital.

Ice Sculptures Vandalized - Would you like to be able to create art like this?

Ice Sculptures Vandalized
Organizers of a central Pennsylvania winter festival say someone smashed six ice sculptures. Officials say the sculptures ranged from one of fire to a high-heeled shoe. They were ruined just hours before the crowds were expected at the Lititz Fire and Ice Festival. Organizers say the sculptures were unguarded because it’s been years since they’ve had any similar problems. Police are checking security video.

Pillowcase Dresses - What is the best house hold item to dress in?

Pillowcase Dresses
Janine Mahan wants your old pillow cases and sheets – but not for bed. Mahan is a volunteer for Dress a Girl. The group makes dresses out of old bed linens for impoverished girls around the world. Mahan recently held a sew-a-long at the Cornerstone Church in Cheshire, Connecticut. Six women volunteered three hours to sew and bag dozens of dresses.

Pushing Compost - What dirty job would you like to have?

Pushing Compost
Ninth-grader Lilly Brown is out to save the world. But it’s a dirty job. She’s been sorting garbage and weighing it at Iowa’s Prairie Point Middle School and Ninth Grade Academy. She wants the school to create a compost pile for food waste from the cafeteria. Lilly says composting is an easy thing to do help the environment. Kids are now separating their trash, but Lilly is still looking for a site for the compost pile.

Gorillas On the Loose - What animal do you fear most?

Gorillas On the Loose
Some visitors to the Kansas City Zoo got an unexpected surprise. Two gorillas escaped and the visitors were hustled into a safe area Sunday afternoon. Zoo officials say two of their five gorillas got out and roamed into a non-public feeding area. The zoo visitors were quarantined for about 30 minutes before being allowed to leave. No one was hurt. The zoo keepers are still trying to figure out how the gorillas got out of their habitat.

Drunk Driver Crashes Into Jail

Drunk Driver Crashes Into Jail
A 22-year-old Florida man was arrested after allegedly crashing into a set of gates at a county jail, then nearly sideswiping a deputy while driving drunk. Joseph Carrara of Port Orange allegedly rammed his car into the northern gate of the Volusia County Jail at 3:30 a.m. Saturday, then sped away. Deputies combed the area in search of Carrara with little success. Then, at 4:20 a.m., Carrara allegedly almost ran into a deputy’s patrol car in DeLand while speeding. Deputy Scott Gering pulled Carrara over. Carrara admitted to being drunk and that he had driven onto jail property, but denied he slammed into the jail’s northern perimeter gates. Carrara was charged with criminal mischief with damage to property, trespassing, driving while intoxicated and reckless driving and taken back to jail.

Toy Store Gets Liquor License

Toy Store Gets Liquor License
A Danvers, Massachusetts, toy store was mistakenly issued a liquor license meant for the previous occupant of the location. “It was very shocking to us,” said Jennifer LaMontagne, co-owner of the toy store Green Elephant. The governor of Massachusetts recently approved a liquor license request for the address where the toy store is located. However, it turns out the liquor license was actually for Natalie’s Restaurant, which never opened in the space. LaMontagne said she had no idea anyone had ever applied for a liquor license for the location of the shop. But the Green Elephant won’t be selling beers with its Barbies; officials say even though the liquor license is for the location, it’s only good for the restaurant whose name was on the application.

Austin To Build Largest Fur Ball

Austin To Build Largest Fur Ball
An Austin, Texas, organization said it is working to build the world’s largest ball of dog fur and has asked for donations. Texas Hearing & Service Dogs is building a ball of dog fur named Fur-O-Sphere. “It’s a fun concept because it’s simple and visual and disgusting and people like that,” said Sheri Soltes, founder and president of Texas Hearing & Service Dogs. Soltes said the Fur-O-Sphere will be will be a 5-foot-wide and 5-foot-tall clear ball in which dog owners will deposit their dogs’ hair clippings. It will be presented to the public at the 14th annual Mighty Texas Dog Walk on April 7th. To set the Guinness record for world’s biggest fur ball will take a clump of dog fuzz more than 67 pounds.

Controversial Ice Cream Shop Shuts Down

Controversial Ice Cream Shop Shuts Down
An Ocala, Florida, ice cream shop made famous because its mascot resembled a KKK member has closed its doors. The Ice Cream Family Corner & Sandwiches shop never reopened after it was closed for repairs. Co-operators Jose Cantres and Jesus Diaz left a handwritten note on the door just before Christmas that stated the shop would be closed for roof repairs. “The roof repair was a pretty minor thing,” said Robert Wilson, attorney for property owner Sumo Central Florida. “The landlord put a new roof on the building back in August.” The shop made national news in September when passersby thought the shop’s mascot, a man hired to wear an ice cream cone suit with a pointed top, was a Ku Klux Klan member. However, the media attention failed to generate business. Wilson said Cantres and Diaz hadn’t paid rent since October and that the building had been vacant in December and January, which “constitutes abandonment of the lease under any analysis.”

Pricey Apartment

Pricey Apartment
The family of a Russian billionaire has bought the most expensive condo in New York City. The penthouse apartment overlooking Central Park has sold for $88 million. The pad will be used by the 22-year-old college student daughter of billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev. The brokers’ commission alone was about $3.5 million. It was sold by Sanford I. Weill, the former head of Citigroup. He’s said he’ll donate the proceeds to charity.

Naked Man Arrested In Walmart

Naked Man Arrested In Walmart
A man was arrested after allegedly walking around an Exton, Pennsylvania, Walmart store naked, then stealing a pair of socks. Police were called to the Walmart Wednesday and they found Verdon Lamont Taylor in the store wearing only socks that were allegedly stolen from the store. The officers said they had to use a stun gun on Taylor before taking him into custody. Taylor was charged with indecent exposure, aggravated assault, simple assault, retail theft, receiving stolen property and disorderly conduct.

Eat Like Washington

Eat Like Washington
Visitors to George Washington’s Mount Vernon estate can now get an idea of how the first president chowed down. A new exhibit at the northern Virginia estate is titled “Hoecakes and Hospitality: Cooking with Martha Washington.” There are more than 100 items on display, including a heart-shaped waffle iron, a three-foot olive jar and presidential dinner invitations. The exhibit also details the role slaves played in the president’s kitchen. Visitors are able to take home recipe cards, so they can try some of the presidential vittles for themselves.

Wisconsin Woman Named Nation’s Top Bagger

Wisconsin Woman Named Nation’s Top Bagger
A Wisconsin grocery bagger took home the $10,000 grand prize at the National Grocers Association’s 26th Best Bagger Championship in Las Vegas. Stephanie Teteak, 30, who has worked at grocery stores for more than 13 years, was named the top bagger among the 24 competitors Monday. She is currently employed at Larry’s Piggly Wiggly in Kaukauna, Wisconsin. Teteak and her competitors were judged in categories including speed, accuracy and weight distribution. Teteak said she will likely spend her winnings on paying off her bills.

Essay Gets Student Suspended - Do you think Free Speech has a place in school?

Essay Gets Student Suspended
A 56-year-old student at a Michigan school says his free speech rights are being violated by his suspension for writing an essay, “Hot for Teacher.” Joseph Corlett was also barred from the campus of Oakland University in Pontiac and told he must get psychological counseling before he can return. A university committee cleared him of sexual harassment but found that he had committed intimidating behavior. Corlett has appealed the decision. The essay, with a title taken from a Van Halen song, was written for an advanced critical writing class. “Christ, I’ll never learn a thing. Tall, blond, stacked, skirt, heels, fingernails, smart, articulate, smile. I’m toast, but I stay,” wrote Corlett. He also said that while he described the instructor as attractive he did not want a sexual relationship with her.
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